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Cheap airfares, cheapest flight tickets to Frankfurt Germany

Long before it became a city in 794, Frankfurt was a shopping center. Already in the 12th century merchants from all over Europe are attracted by the solid market of the city, located on the River Main.

During World War II, almost all of the old Frankfurt was crashed from the face of the earth, and then methodically, literally stone on stone recovered. Some believe that this is not the most interesting place for tours and the city is seen as the main business center in Germany, where everyone comes to exhibitions and conferences.

Others are of the opinion that as a tourist destination, this is rather a “city for a day” where you can travel while waiting for a flight, so cheap airfares can be found in Frankfurt.

unnamed file 10 - Frankfurt


In fact, Frankfurt has a high coefficient among European cities in terms of landmarks. And, although most of them are restored, it does not take away their beauty and does not diminish their significance among the architectural and artistic masterpieces of the world.

Cheap airfares, cheapest flight tickets to Frankfurt Germany

Today, Frankfurt is a combination of elegant mansions and a rich museum presence on the Seafront, surrounded by the modern buildings of the Bank Quarter, brilliant in the dark with thousands of lights. Frankfurt’s largest neighborhood is Saxenhausen. The most interesting tourist areas are: Altschadt’s historic center, the Bank’s Quarter and the Museum’s Coastal Street.

The main public transport in Frankfurt is the railway. There are two main systems in the city: U-Bahn subway and suburban S-Bahn. The metro consists of 9 lines that pass through the underground tunnels in the center and into the suburban neighborhoods. Bahn – is an extended metro option and reaches the airport and the more remote urban areas.

Tramway – the oldest form of public transport in Frankfurt. The first line of horse-drawn trains started in 1872. The tram system is integrated with the underground part of the subway, but trams serve more stops than U-Bahn and S-Bahn.

Landmarks of Germany’s financial center are compact and public transport is well developed. That is why rental cars make sense only if the trip is not only in the city, but also in the vicinity or even in other European countries: for example, neighboring France or Belgium. But there are cheap airfares to these countries.

Mobile communications in Frankfurt are provided by more than 10 operators. Market leaders are – O2, T-Mobile, Ortel Mobile, Vodafone and E-Plus. SIM cards are sold in the offices of the companies or supermarkets.

For tourists who want to get acquainted with all places in Frankfurt and at the same time to save money, a Frankfurt Card Guest Card is available. It provides cardholders with a 50% discount on museum visits, palm gardens and the zoo; 20% discount on city tours and boat excursions, as well as many pleasant extras such as gift shops and free drinks in the restaurants.

Important information:

Population: 670 000 inhabitants

Currency: Euro. International credit and debit cards are widely spread. In many places you can find ATMs.

Opening hours: Large shops are open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 20:00 and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 18:00.

Website for Frankfurt: www.frankfurt.de, www.frankfurt-tourismus.de

Emergency phone:

Police: 110

Fire and Emergency: 112

Tourist information: You can get the tourist information at the Hauptbahnhof and in the Römerberg district (Römerberg 27, tel .: +49 (0) 69 212 388 00).

For shopping maniacs who get cheap airfares to Frankfurt earlier, many shops on the famous Tiel shopping street offer commodities for every taste. The best selection of souvenirs can be made in Römer square. But the best souvenirs from Frankfurt – are fit for consumption. The city is famous for its unique apple wine “Äppelwoi” to honor an annual festival.

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