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Check out the best deals on cheap airfares, cheapest flight tickets to Berlin

The German capital Berlin is one of the most attractive destinations for lovers of travel. For this reason, we offer our clients extremely cheap airfare to Berlin.

The history of Berlin can be traced back to the 13th century. The city was the capital of several countries that covered the lands of the Germans. At the end of the Second World War, the city was divided into two parts of the Berlin Wall (1961-1989): East Berlin, which was declared the capital of the German Democratic Republic and West Berlin, which was included in the Federal Republic of Germany with capital of Bonn. The Berlin Wall became a symbol of the Cold War. With Germany’s unification in 1990, Berlin regained its status as the capital of all of Germany.

Today Berlin is the largest city in Germany, its political and historical and cultural center. The city is second only to London in the European Union by population. This is a very cozy city, the inhabitants of which are considered very friendly.

unnamed file 9 - Berlin

Among the most famous landmarks that are definitely worth seeing in Berlin are the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Berlin TV Tower, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the Charlottenburg Palace, and others. Yes, even a simple walk around town can be very enjoyable – many streets are planted with trees. The largest and most famous park of the city is the Tiergarten Park. It is believed that Berlin is the “greenest” city in Europe. If you want to get closer to Berlin’s sights, it is best to stay in Mite. This is the most tourist part of the city, especially if you consider how many hotels here are at relatively low prices (60-80 euros per night). This also provokes airlines to provide their customers with cheap plane tickets to Berlin.

Check out the best deals on cheap airfares, cheapest flight tickets to Berlin

There are several tourist areas in Berlin where many hotels are located. Each of them has at least one five-star hotel. But in the eastern part of the city after the fall of the Berlin Wall, hotels of the multi-star giants of international hotel chains began to appear. Therefore, today in the West it is easier to find a private lodge or guesthouse with a cozy atmosphere, while in the eastern part of Berlin there are fewer.

Berlin’s transport includes underground and underground transport: metro, buses, trams, river ferries and bicycles.

It is no accident that Berlin is considered one of the world capitals of culture – the city has a large number of museums, monuments, concert halls, theaters. Traditionally, the capital of Germany hosts the biggest music festivals, such as the Jazzfest Jazz Festival.

To visit it, make sure to take advantage of our offers for cheap plane tickets to Berlin.

Berlin – an ideal place to shop. One street may have up to 15 exhibition halls or shops with products of young designers who make very decent and original collections and, most importantly, at good prices. Where to find them: in the areas of Friedrichshafen and Kreuzberg. Another place where you can buy unique souvenirs is the market in Tiergarten. It attracts lovers of antiques, antique postcards and other second-hand goods and is considered one of the largest in Europe.

Shopping for branded goods is best to go to one of the giant shopping malls. The most suitable place for this is the giant KaDeWe, which has long been a symbol of Berlin. Here you can find high quality clothes and shoes. It is best to visit it at the time of the great discounts – from the beginning of November to Christmas.

As for the German cuisine, in Berlin you can try out all popular types of sausages, ham, sprat, soups, such as peas, chicken or game; steaks, cutlets, fillets and, of course, the traditional sauerkraut as a garnish. German beer does not need to be advertised – anyone who has visited Berlin must try several types of beer.

If you have to summarize, you can spend a great time in the German capital. We advise you not to miss visiting Berlin – one of the most interesting places on Europe’s tourist map. And we are ready to provide you with the cheapest airline tickets to Berlin and other cities in Germany.