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Cheap airline tickets to Budapest

As is widely known, the Hungarian capital is made up of two historical towns – Buda and Pest, situated on the two opposite banks of the Danube. In 1873 they merged into the city of Budapest.

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The city’s population is approximately 2 million people, which is 1/5 of the total population of Hungary. Buddha conceals in the shadow of its trees the imperial spirit and the bliss of restoration. Here is the Royal Palace and the Badaya Fortress. The look of Pestha is shaped by the huge buildings and large intersections. Pesta is becoming a cultural, economic and political center. The remains of the Roman city of Aquincum are further away from the historic center of Budapest. Two amphitheatres have been preserved here.

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Several bridges cross the Danube and join Buddha with Pest. In the Danube there are 7 islands on the territory of Budapest, the most famous being Margit. There is a large botanical garden on the island, remnants of a Dominican monastery, many sports playgrounds and swimming pools.

There are 223 museums in Budapest, all of which stand out at the National Museum of History in Hungary. Many festivals are held in the city, with the largest wine festival being held in the first half of September.

Budapest is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The most magnificent building in the city is undoubtedly the Parliament. But the most famous of Budapest is with its thermal sources – within the city they are about 130. The city is one of the richest thermal and healing sources in the world. That is why cheap airplane tickets to Hungary-Budapest are looking a lot. The largest thermal bath in Budapest – Chopped annually attracts hundreds of tourists.

The transport in Budapest is very well developed. Interesting is the fact that the city’s metropolitan is the oldest in Europe – the first beam under the Andrassy junction was built in 1896. Another curious fact – the most popular mode of transport in Budapest is the tram; tram lines in the city are considered to be the busiest in the world, and the longest trams in the world are exactly in Budapest.

About 20 km. Outside the city, there is the Hungaroring Formula 1 track built in 1986. About 120,000 spectators arrive for the competitions held annually in mid-August. Then finding cheap airfares to Budapest is almost impossible, so Myfly recommends – buy tickets early in order to get to the Hungarian capital at lower prices.

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