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Cheap flight tickets to Rhodes

Rhodes Island is one of the largest and most fertile Greek islands. It has the shape of an arrowhead and is closer to Turkey (only 18 km) than to mainland Greece. Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese islands, the largest of which is the island of Rhodes. The population of the island is about 110,000 people, half of whom live in the capital Rhodes, which is located in the northernmost part of the island of the same name.

Rhodes Island is one of the most visited Greek islands. It has a coastline about 220 km, dotted with resorts and beaches. The economy of the whole island is related to tourism, which is a major source of income. Here the tourist season lasts 10 months – from May to October and the place is very suitable for a family holiday with children. The only downside is that tourists on the island are too many. This particularly applies to the resorts on the north and east coasts, where the daily rhythm changes to the night.

unnamed file 8 - Rodos

There is a charter flight during the season to Rhodes and off-season can be reached by transfer to Athens, Thessaloniki, Kriti and others. Diagoras Airport is 10 km away. from the capital Rhodes and can be reached by bus or taxi. No matter what time you travel to the island, My Fly will undoubtedly offer you a lot

Apart from air, Rhodes is reached by water. The island is an important sea port. The public transport is very well developed on the island itself.

Since ancient times, Rhodes has been ruled by great civilizations, each left a historical footprint on the island. The remains of the glorious past of Rhodes can be seen by tourists, many of the emblematic Rhodes sights have been transformed into souvenirs that tourists carry with themselves in different parts of the world. Another good supporter for loved ones and friends from the island is the local wine.

On Rhodes, apart from the traditional beach holiday (best on the eastern Mediterranean coast), you can diversify with various activities related to the sea. You can windsurfing on the island’s stormy Aegean coast. The same is done on the southern coast of Rhodes because of the winds in this part. To the north (Colima Beach) there are ideal snorkeling conditions. And you’ll truly enjoy underwater peace if you’re diving in a few very good places – Collio Springs, around Lindos and near Cape Ladico. Your admiration is guaranteed.