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Cheap Flight tickets to Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe and is on UNESCO’s list of preserving the world’s cultural heritage. The narrow streets, the ancient bridges, the Gothic castles, the cozy bars and the heat of the gas street lamps create a unique unique atmosphere that can only be felt in Prague. The city is famous for its varied architecture from its various periods – Baroque, Rococo, Gothic, Romantic, Cubist, Modern, etc.

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Cheap Flight tickets to Prague

Prague is situated on nine hills. The city is divided into two parts of the Vltava River, the connection between the two parts of the city being the ten bridges, the most famous of which is the Charles Bridge – one of the main sights of the city. The Gothic Bridge is a pedestrian area adorned with ancient sculptors, and the image of the bridge is one of the symbols of Prague.

The capital of the Czech Republic is divided into 15 administrative districts. The most interesting from a tourist point of view are Prague 1 and Prague 2. The first one, also called Old Town, is the historical center of the capital, almost untouched during the Second World War, where the spirit of the Middle Ages feels very strong. The Prague city located here is considered to be the largest castle in the world. Prague 2 is the smallest area, but the most important one. Here is the Visegrad fortress. This area is considered to be the cultural center of the city. The other districts are also very interesting for tourists, with each of them having impressive sights. Across Prague there are many museums, the most famous of which is the National Museum.

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Евтини самолетни билети до Прага

Prague is a great place for shopping and entertainment. Here, like many European cities, there are seasons with great discounts in stores, the most popular shopping before Christmas. Most of the tourists take off from the city as a supvinar garnet stone.

Czech beer is well known for Europe. Amber drinkers fill bars, pubs and restaurants throughout the year, because every season Prague has its charm. That’s why Myfly offers cheap plane tickets to Prague all the seasons of the year.

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