Electronic flight ticket

  • The electronic flight ticket differs from the ordinary by not printing on paper. All travel information is stored electronically in the airline database. It is now almost impossible to buy a ticket on paper – virtually all tickets are electronic.
  • What are the benefits of an electronic airfare?
  • The electronic ticket is bought online over the Internet without having to leave home, saving time for travel to an agency and buying a cashier.
  • Such a ticket is impossible to be lost because it is stored in the carrier airline database.
  • An electronic air ticket can be purchased from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection) and for every single person (for example, you can buy a Paris ticket for your mother to fly from Sofia to Moscow).
  • The cost of issuing a paper ticket is saved.With the electronic airfare you can register online for some flights (see here: online check in)
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Is the electronic flight ticket an official document?

The electronic air ticket is a document that is strictly accountable. It is stored in the airline’s database in digital format and will be sent to you by email to be reported to the company’s account if your travel is on your own. For the report, you will need another boarding card and a ticket for the purchased ticket, which replaces the invoice.

Features of the hour in the electronic flight ticket

The airline ticket always indicates the local time of landing and departing. For long flights, usually the time and date are indicated if the flight arrives the next day.

What documents you need at the airport

If you have not checked online, you will have to do it at the airport. For this purpose you will need a personal document, sometimes want a printed electronic ticket (to see the time of release) and a possible bank card in case the air ticket is not paid in cash.