Useful tips during flight on an airplane

First time flying? Tips for flying for the first time

  1. Hand over your hand baggage carefully in the luggage compartment above the seat so that during a flight on the airplane during turbulence your luggage can not fall off and hurt you. It is also recommended to remove your shoes – if you are going to have a long flight, you will want to do it anyway.
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  2. If in flight the airline offers food, it is advisable to open the food box as a book, not as a laptop. In this case, the box fits on the table in front of you, and its lid turns into a garbage container. Also here you can put your drinks, which, if poured, the liquid will not be on you, but it stays in the container.
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  3. During a flight on an airplane, be sure to switch your phone to “avionage” or turn it off. This will save energy on your battery, but it also reduces the risk of problems with the electronics of the aircraft.