Helpful Flight Tips – When Traveling with Children in an Airplane

How To Survive Flying With Kids

  • Airline tickets for children in regular airlines are divided into three groups depending on age:Flight tickets for children up to 2 years (infants). The cost of an airfare for a baby is mostly symbolic (about 10% of the ticket price for an adult);
  • Airplane tickets for children from 2 to 12 years old. The price for a flight ticket for children aged 2 to 12 is about 75% – 90% of the ticket price for theadult traveler;
  • Airplane tickets for children over 12 years of age. Unfortunately, children over the age of 12 are considered to be adults and pay the same amount of airfare as older people. At low-cost and charter airlines, discounted airfare tickets are available only to infants (these are children under 2 years of age on the day of commencement of the trip ). All children over 2 years of age travel at the same price as the adult travelers.

The baby has no seat, they are held in the companion lap. We recommend that you think in advance about what to engage the baby in order not to be nervous or crying. Still, if that happens, do not worry about others, because many of them are parents and they will understand you. The ideal option is for a baby to sleep during a flight, so it’s nice before the flight to be fed and more tired than usual.

If you still have to feed your baby during a flight, be aware that his food also passes through a scanner during inspection and is inherently irradiated by the X-rays. If you are traveling to a more distant destination with a time difference, make the transition to the new time in advance, so the baby will not have much to do with it.

When traveling with children over 2 years of age, you probably will not be able to watch a movie from start to finish. Prepare to answer the thousands of questions your kids will ask when they get them. To make the situation different, take an interesting book for review, coloring or an interesting puzzle. For those who can now deal with mobile devices, prepare a new game or a funny movie. If the child can write, ask him / her: to keep notes on the experience during the flight or to shoot with a camera and camera. All this gives the advantage of an imperceptible and comfortable journey and a sweet memory of it. If your children are older than twelve, just remind them to take a fun reading or to charge their phone.

polezni saveti za poleta pri patuva - Helpful Flight Tips - When Traveling with Children in an Airplane

Accompanying a child in a non-navy plane is possible, but you need to check if the airline you are flying will offer this service. If you do not mind your child being accompanied by a flight attendant, this service is paid at the airport and the price is according to the destination and the price list of the airline the child travels with.For disabled children and adults, an airplane trip can be made in a special trolley for which you need to pre-order when purchasing the airline ticket.