How early should you really arrive at the airport?

Strange as it sounds, but even a perfectly organized trip can fail if you mistakenly estimate how long before the flight you should be at the airport.Let’s start from where it’s good to have your luggage pre-collected. If you tighten your suitcases before you go to the airport, it may take longer than planned, and in the rush you are likely to forget something.
It is advisable to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight (increase international airport time). If you have made an online check-in and you only have hand luggage, then you will need 1 hour to pass the airport security check. Check the peak hours at the airport you depart from (for each airport different) and if your flight is at that time, it is advisable to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight.

How Early Do You Really Need to Arrive at the Airport?

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To be on time at the airport, go there in a timely fashion, leaving a reserve in the event of traffic or other unforeseen circumstances that may delay arrival at the airport. You should certainly check how long it takes to travel to the airport and what kind of transport it can do.

If you check in at the airport or have cargo luggage, provide a time buffer on a case that has a big tail. Early check-in at a counter can also guarantee that you will not be among those who will not be boarded for overbooking (more sold tickets than are seats on the plane). If there is such a case, the airline does not allow aboard the last to pass the check-in. In this case, it is irrelevant that you bought the ticket months before the trip.

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Keep in mind that the customs check (if any) can greatly slow you down the road to the gate (the boarding plane). You must be aware that the gate closing time is not the departure time of the airplane. The gate closes 15-30 minutes before the flight begins. If you have come to the gate after closing it, you will be denied access to the plane, you will not be entitled to compensation.

What to do while waiting at the airport? You can go to duty-free shops, read a book or a magazine. Do not forget to charge your mobile devices if you rely on them while waiting at the airport.