How to fly with cheaper prices

The safest way to save money on a plane ticket is to plan your trip with an early reservation. The closer the flight date is, the smaller the choice and the higher the price. In addition, many airlines have developed a system of incentives for frequent flyers: for each flight, miles are charged, which can subsequently be purchased for a flight ticket, improve the flight class, or reduce the cost of air travel.

Cheap airfares are usually offered:

>At the beginning or end of the season (May or September);
On Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday;
For flights departing early in the morning or late in the evening;
During a share or special offer;
For charter flights or for flights of the non-taxi companies;
for jet flights, especially if operated by an airline or an alliance of companies;
For domestic flights;
For two-way flights, not just one way.

How to find cheap tickets?

Low cost airlines (badchers) offer their tickets at much lower prices, due to the fact that they save on extra services. For example, insurance, food, baggage and even booking a passenger seat should be paid if you want to have them. Low-cost carrier tickets are usually sold via the internet. The main disadvantage of these companies is the frequent flight delays. Flights to low-cost carriers are usually early in the morning or late in the evening, and their aircraft land at small regional airports. Nonetheless, cheap airline tickets to low-cost airlines are looking for a lot, especially from passengers who fly without luggage and those who are willing to fly less comfortably but at a significantly lower price. Keep in mind that most low-cost airlines do not refund money for a return ticket.

Charter charter bills are also more advantageous than regular airline tickets, especially those tickets that are offered closer to the date of the flight.

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