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Privacy is of particular importance to us. We strive to make our web site comfortable and contain as much information as you can possibly care about. We also take care of its safe use so that you can rest assured that your personal data and rights are protected.

Terms of use of the website and protection of personal data

What personal data do we process?

“Aeromax” Ltd., in the sense of the Personal Data Protection Act (LPPD), is the administrator of personal data and will process the personal data of the Client in order to carry out its activity in connection with the service requested by the Client, which may be booking an air ticket, hotel accommodation and more. This will be done only with the knowledge of the Customer and in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, which guarantees the privacy and the privacy of the Client.
The personal data provided by the Client will be processed lawfully and in good faith and stored electronically and in paper form. To this end, given that Aeromax Ltd. is a data controller, all necessary technical, organizational and other necessary measures will be provided to protect personal data from misuse, alteration or loss. AEROMAX Ltd. has already taken precautions to protect the Customer’s personal data and web security in general by using systems (such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate) to help protect the information flow that passes through the used web browser. The client should take similar measures, such as using a browser protected by an SSL Certificate.

The Client agrees to submit their personal data to Aeromax Ltd. for their processing and storage in the database of the Aeromax Reservation System as well as for the performance and improvement of other services requested by the Client as well as for registration and account maintenance, customer feedback, data archiving, and more.

When using the on-line booking system, the Customer should enter in the appropriate fields the personal data that will allow the successful completion of the reservation, receipt of its confirmation or issuance of the airline ticket, hotel accommodation reservation and any other tourist service. The personal data that the Customer provides are name and surname, age, gender, e-mail, postal address, contact telephone, bank card details, etc. In addition to providing its own data processing in the on-line reservation system, the Customer agrees to provide the processing and personal data of its satellites for reservation and purchase of airline tickets, hotel accommodation, inclusion in excursion groups and other tourist services. Without the Customer’s personal data, the online booking system can not be used to make reservations.

Customer’s personal data is collected for the specific purposes specified in point 4. and will not be further processed in a way incompatible with these purposes. Customer’s personal data must be relevant, related and non-existent to the purposes for which they are processed.

The client agrees with Aeromax Ltd to provide its personal data to the service providers, but not only: hoteliers, airline carriers, rental companies, tour operators and others.

AeroMax Ltd. undertakes not to provide the Customer with personal data to third parties. This does not apply to cases when Aeromax Ltd is legally obliged to disclose the personal data of the Client to bodies, institutions or organizations when the personal data of the Client are properly and legally required; when the Customer has expressly given his / her consent to disclosure of his or her personal data and in other cases provided for in the Personal Data Protection Act.
The Client agrees that Aeromax Ltd will make available to third parties, who are in a contractual relationship with Aeromax Ltd. for the protection of the personal data of the users of the services, the names and e-mail address indicated by the Customer at the time of booking. Third parties may use the personal data provided to them to send commercial messages, and the Customer may opt out at any time after receipt of these messages.

Aeromax Ltd is not responsible if the Customer himself / herself has provided his / her personal data to third parties.

“Aeromax” Ltd. guarantees that the personal data provided by the Client are fully protected and used for marketing studies, analyzes and statistics. The goal is to understand the needs and wishes of the Customers, as well as to improve the quality of their services. Regardless of the measures taken by Aeromax OOD to protect the personal data of the Client, there are objective factors independent of the efforts of AEROMAX OOD to protect the personal data of the Client, such as a lack of security as a whole on the global Internet network, tendency violation of the law guaranteeing the protection of the personal data of Internet users and others, which ultimately leads to the disclosure of the Customer’s personal data. In these cases, Aeromax Ltd can not be held liable for the non-observance of the limits for the disclosure of the Customer’s personal data.
The customer has a legal right to access his or her personal data processed by Aeromax Ltd.