Required documents for the flight

  • An unrestricted passport that is valid for more than 6 months and which has a visa for the country you are visiting (if necessary).
  • For countries of the European Union, you can travel with an ID card or driver’s license, traveling inside the country with an ID card. Air ticket (if electronic, bring a printed copy of the ticket).
auto draft - Required documents for the flight


  1. No other documents at the airport or on the plane will be needed.

    By submitting a pile of documents to the airport employee or passport control, you force him to search amongst them the necessary – airline ticket and passport, for which he loses time and the passage process slows down.

  2. If you are taking an international flight, do not forget to print the confirmation of the airline ticket reservation and the accommodation reservation in the foreign country. Quite often, host security staff want to be provided with a guarantee of your home country and return to your home country.
  3. It is good to think of an option where you may need medical care abroad. Here comes the help of the so-called. travel insurance assistance abroad. It is a good idea to make one in order to stay calm during your stay abroad. If you do not have insurance and need medical assistance abroad, you risk paying a lot of fees on the spot.
    Do not forget to take a pen. For each passenger it is good to have one blue or a black pen.
    required documents for the flight - Required documents for the flight
  4. Make and carry with you copies of your documents. You can take pictures and send the photos to your e-mail. We hope you will not need it, but in case of loss or theft you will have at least some papers. It is generally not advisable to pass your passport to someone else.

    Preliminary preparation also means finding and printing the address and the map of the location of a representation of your country in the region you are going to visit. The information you provide to the Foreign Ministry with your registration will help the embassy in question to contact you and provide you with better help in emergencies such as disasters or civil unrest.