Traveling with pets on a plane

auto draft 5 - Traveling with pets on a plane

Traveling with a cat or dog on a plane with airlines

The airlines individually determine the conditions for the carriage of pets. Keep in mind that many airlines (usually low-cost) do not offer the pet transport service, while others transport our pets only in the luggage compartment of the plane. You also need to know that the number of pet tickets on board is very limited. Some airlines allow the airplane to carry up to 2 domestic pets, which must be of one kind, or cats or dogs, weighing together with the cage up to 8 kg. In addition to dogs and cats on board an airplane, some bird species can also be transported.

Also, the question about the documents with which the pet flies is also ambiguous. The passport (must also contain English text), the chip and the vaccine (for which there is a deadline) are mandatory. There are additional requirements for traveling to countries outside the EU or to certain EU countries (especially Great Britain, Malta, Ireland and Sweden).

For these destinations, in addition to the listed documents, when registering the pet at the airport, you must provide a certified certificate from the Regional Veterinary Service, validating 48 to 24 hours before the trip. There are also extensions to the cage or transport bag for the pet . The minimum dimensions are: Add 10 cm to the size of the pet in length (from muzzle to tail) and add 5 cm to the height of the head (up to the head). The idea is for the pet to move freely into the cage.

Do not remove the pet  from the cage during a flight. Failure to comply with this condition may cause the airline to refuse a trip in the opposite direction or in the future.

As for food, it is advisable not to feed the pet a few hours before and during the flight, but it is desirable to have something to drink. Before the flight, place ice cubes in the cage to avoid shedding water when boarding the pet on the plane. It is not recommended to give the pet medication before and during the flight.